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  • Series Concealed Door Closers
  • 100 Series Concealed Door Closers100 series concealed door closer, also known as invisible door closer, offers excellent performance in both commercial and residential ...
  • Series Overhead Door Closers
  • 200 Series Overhead Door Closers200 series overhead door closers are designed to be concealed within the transom header bar of the door. They are commonly used in larger office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and warehouses ...
  • Series Economical Door Closers
  • 330 Series Economical Door Closers330 series economical hydraulic door closers are universal models offering versatility and precise engineering performance. With fashion design, high ...
  • Series Surface Mounted Door Closer
  • 500 Series Surface Mounted Door Closer500 series surface mounted door closer, manufactured with Germany advanced technology, is one of the most common types of closers. It is specially made with fashion ...
  • Series Automatic Door Closers
  • 700 Series Automatic Door Closers 700 series automatic door closers, more often known as automatic door openers, are one of the earliest series of door closers manufactured by Oubao Security Technology. Without buffer function ...
  • Series Fireproof Door Closer
  • 5000 Series Fireproof Door Closer5000 series fireproof door closers, manufactured with Germany advanced technology, precision heavy duty rack (piston) and pinion gear, are universal models ...
  • Series Multi-Size Door Closer
  • 8000 Series Multi-Size Door Closer8000 series multi-size heavy duty door closers are multi-size door closers made of heavy duty rack and pinion, high strength extrusion aluminum body with needle ...
  • OB Series Cast Iron Door Closers
  • OB Series Cast Iron Door ClosersOB series cast iron door closers are multi-size non-handed cast iron door closers designed for all standard installations. They are widely used in facilities such like schools...
  • Intelligent Door Closers
  • Intelligent Door ClosersIntelligent door closer has good complements to automatic swing door and competitive advantages in cost and application range. It can be well suited for commercial ...

Door Closers

Door closer is a mechanical device for closing a door after it being automatically or manually opened. Choosing a door closer should involve the consideration of a variety of criteria. Besides the door closer performance in the fire emergency, other criteria include the resistance to opening forces (for disabled or infirm use), health, safety, durability, risk of ligature and aesthetics. The key part of the door closers’ design is how to control the closing process and make sure the function parameters can be adjusted during the closing cycle.

Door closers can not only close the door but also protect the door and frame from damaging. They become increasingly vital in the modern architecture. Door closers are mainly used in the commercial, residential and public buildings. Oubao Technology provides door closers with optimized size for use with panic exit devices.

Our Advantages:
1.Owning full-automatic numerical control equipment and large-scale stored program control wheel blasting cleaning line, Oubao is the first manufacturer of door closers in China mainland since 1987;
2.Our door closers are successively approved by UL, CE, EN1154, ANSI156.4, SP, ETL, ITS, and TUV quality authentication;
3.Adopting Germany technical high grade aluminum alloy and advanced precision casting technology, the door closers manufactured by Oubao Technology are with high hardness, compacted metal texture, high wear resistance and long service time;
4.We use FUCHS hydraulic oil and oil ring imported from Germany, which greatly enhance the performance of door closers in the harsh environments with temperature ranges from subzero 30℃ to 60℃. And the oil leak rate is only 0.003%;
5.We can offer the door closers with new fashion design, variety style, multi color and the most competitive price for customers all over the world;
6.Our door closer products are in full ranges, which can be applied on different kinds of doors, including fire door, anti-theft door, wooden door, metal door, hotel loo door, guest room door, storage door, garage door and other doors for special uses.

Product Categories:
1. 100 series concealed door closers/100 series invisible door closers;
2. 200 series overhead door closers; 
3. 330 series economical door closers;

4. 500 series surface mounted door closers;
5. 600 series aluminum alloy door closers;
6. 700 series automatic door closers;
7. 5000 series fireproof door closers;
8. 8000 series multi-size door closers;
9. 9000 series heavy duty track arm door closers; 
10. OB series cast iron door closers.

Packaging and Transportation:
1.One piece in an inner box, ten inner boxes in one carton;
2.Transport by sea or by air.

Founded in 1987, Oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. is the first joint-stock company and one of the largest professional manufacturers and supplier of door closers in China. With registered capital of 55.8 million RMB, we offer a broad line of security protection products, including door closers, fingerprint-lock, panic exit device, intelligent lock, etc. We can reach annual output of 6 million door closers and 500 thousand locks. Till now, we are able to provide 80% of our door closers to customers from the entire American continent, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Oceania, including more than 80 foreign countries and regions.